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Sea Creatures

On to new shores.

Everyone needs a change of scenery once in a while. Even a fashion trend can feel like it needs to get away! That's why the classic naval theme is taking a big trip this year, away from Nordic austerity to laid-back Caribbean. New on board is the trend color Neo Mint, together with various shades of Peach and Apricot. This bright and sunny palette of colors sets sails for the designs in the whole "Sea Creatures" range - friendly, cosmopolitan and inspired by the best designer of all, Mother Nature.


Relax & Recharge.

Along with iconic motifs such as anchors and ship's ropes, tropical flora and fauna are right on course. Lobsters, corals and starfish bustle about in underwater worlds, between blossoms and leaves, and once in a while you might even find a few happy bathers. Shimmering watercolor designs on airy materials such as silk and cotton look like a cool breeze turned to fabric. With any of these items, from the large ruana cape to the narrow hair scarf, every day can be a little bit like a beach holiday.