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FRAAS Plaid desktop header unisex


It’s probably no coincidence that our signature classic plaid in black and white stripes with a shot of color through it is reminiscent of a Scottish tartan. After all, it hails from a region that has much in common with Scotland: wild, romantic highlands, a bracing climate with bitterly cold winters, poor soil and plenty of crystal-clear water. We’re talking about Upper Franconia in Germany – one of the most traditional textile-producing regions in Europe. This is where Valentin Fraas founded his company in 1880, and where, a little later, the characteristic FRAAS plaid design was created, and the pattern appeared for the first time on a scarf.



Since the early 20th century, our special woven plaid has appeared on a wide range of FRAAS textiles: first, on pure wool scarves, then on the finest cashmere, combed until soft with spiky carders, and, since 1985, also on our patented Cashmink® fabric. Today, FRAAS is the biggest scarf manufacturer in the world and our plaid reveals its versatility in all possible forms and materials. Whether it’s worn as a women’s or men’s accessory, for a casual or elegant look, with a trench coat or leather jacket, the FRAAS plaid lends any outfit the perfect finishing touch. And, you can be sure that when you’re wearing a plaid scarf from FRAAS, you’re wearing the genuine article.