How to Wear

Putting on the Ritz.

Ok, we assume you’ve already figured out what you’re going to wear today. The next question is “how?” (at least as far as the accessory is concerned). We hear it all the time - "how do I tie my new favorite scarf?". To be honest, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Any scarf, whether large or small, square or loop, can be tied in an elegant, casual, funky, preppy, athletic, stylish or classic way. Nevertheless, there are a few easy tricks that will make your life with scarves easier.

All kinds of creative techniques are currently popping up all around on the Internet. We don’t want to lecture you, “here’s how you should tie your scarf exactly according to our specifications”. We want to give you some inspiration on the many ways you can wear our scarves and squares. In no way do we want to limit your creativity – sometimes imperfectly is exactly the perfect way. We hope you have lots of fun trying out different ways to find your own style.