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Luxury to feel.

The soft feel of cashmere is iconic. To feel the gentle embrace of the luxurious natural fibers and to caress the surface with your fingertips – you can hardly get enough of this. Your friends will also want to touch the fabric and ask, “cashmere”? There’s a way to test if the luxurious fabric is really cashmere: the burning test. Unlike synthetic fibers, cashmere does not ignite easily and it smells like burning hair. It’s even better just to point to the FRAAS label: “Naturally Cashmere, and only the best”


The cream of the crop.

At FRAAS, it’s not only that you can depend on our cashmere being genuine, but we will also let you in on the secret of where our cashmere goats call home: in cold Mongolia. Their coats grow particularly fine and luxurious in this cold climate. Carefully combed out and sorted until only the tender undercoat remains, the annual yield per goat amounts to about 150 g – approximately the amount needed to make one knitted scarf of pure cashmere. But since you can never get enough cozy, warm cashmere knitwear in winter, we have also made hats to go with our scarves.