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Ink Dancer

The Far East is no longer far away.

Have you ever watched an Asian Calligrapher at work? In this traditional art form the creation of every tiny masterpiece is an act of meditation. As the brush elegantly dances with the ink, the mind finds peace. This marriage of beauty and harmony are not only to be found on paper, but also on fine textile materials – as our new summer accessories with their Far Eastern motifs celebrate the wisdom and aesthetics of Asia.


Asian lifestyle “to go“.

The spectrum of designs on display in the “Ink Dancer” range runs from minimalistic brush strokes all the way to elaborate floral arrangements, from the cherry blossoms of spring to the chrysanthemums of late summer, from Chinese dragons to Lucky Cat figurines. Soft materials and colors carefully matched to each other, such as rosewater, green boa and beetroot purple will make you feel a bit like a Zen master – in harmony with yourself and the world. Try them on.