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Domesticated Nature


Elegant by nature.

Whether a blooming garden, an idyllic cultural landscape or a grandiose national park - where people and nature pull together, the result is a feast for the eyes. It's now also available in textile form. The "Domesticated Nature" collection is a respectful bow to Mother Earth and her beauty. Dynamic moiré patterns are reminiscent of marbled rock walls, traditional Toile-de-Jouy depicts rural scenes, and delicate floral prints exude harmony. In terms of color, bright organic lime meets bronze, khaki and dark teal: natural tones, combined in a modern way.




You now have to bear that: responsibility.

Sustainability has always been important to us at FRAAS. Our TH! NK edition goes a few steps further: Recycled materials are reborn as new accessories, and every item sold supports Peter Wohlleben's jungle project. Saving resources, avoiding waste and protecting the environment - it feels good and looks great at the same time, thanks to stylish designs made of trendy camouflage patterns, abstract wood structures and graphically reduced trees. Discover the most beautiful way to be one with nature now!