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The fabric of a midsummer’s dream.

Almost no other fabric has as much mystery as silk. Which is partly to do with the many legends about it that have been passed down over the millennia. Chinese luxury goods such as silk robes were already appealing to the world in 100 BCE. This was when the first trade route opened up between China and Europe – the Silk Road. But it was also because of the unrivaled feel of this gossamer-light fabric.

The cool queen of fabrics.

Its unparalleled pairing of cool elegance and a delicate sheen is what makes it the ideal partner for the summertime. Our yarn buyers visit our trusted silk suppliers in China every season. This is how we ensure that we always have the perfect material to hand – from diaphanous Georgette silk to opaque silk twill. Another major characteristic of silk is that no other material showcases colors and prints so intensively.