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Recycled Fashion

Sustainably beautiful.

Crisp, frosty air, blazing autumn foliage, radiant white snow, fragrant baked apples – which gift of nature are you especially thankful for? We at FRAAS also appreciate what nature provides for us: Inspiration from its beauty, luxurious raw materials for our scarves, and the good Franconian water for the finishing process. That’s why we are particularly aware of our responsibility to preserve our environment for the future. This involves using innovative materials – recycled yarn that will be reborn as new accessories.


From old make new.

Valuable natural fibers from used knitwear and fabric scraps regularly celebrate a comeback in up-to-date accessories. This winter we have another ace up our sleeve: recycled Cashmink®. A uniquely soft synthetic material, patented by FRAAS in 1985, also now gets a second chance in life. In this way, scarves from FRAAS are making the world a bit nicer. Every article made from recycled fibers not only saves resources and reduces waste but also protects the environment – and makes you feel even a little bit better when you wear it.