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Punk Queens


Baroque meets punk rock.

She’s got it! She's got it! That's what the hit song says about the Roman goddess Venus. As the epitome of beauty, it always looks breathtakingly good, whether on baroque paintings, as an ancient marble statue or in stark graffiti style. When it comes to fashion and style, Venus doesn't have to follow any rules - she is her own law and has a lot of fun doing it. Let us take an example from this: The new winter accessories from FRAAS pay homage to all facets of beauty with a wild foray through different ages and styles.















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Our “Punk Queens” collection takes the freedom to play carefree with the versatile nuances of femininity: rebellious and romantic, crazy and dreamy. The future flirts with the past, lush floral motifs alternate with animal prints, chain motifs, spontaneous scribble drawings and eye-catching tartan patterns. The contrasts also dominate the colors, bright red tones and neon effects shine on dark backgrounds. The result: stunning shawls and scarves that are worthy of a beauty goddess.